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car insurance cover for traveling to the USA?

What does car insurance cover for traveling to the United States?

Whether on vacation or work, if you want to cross the border to the United States or Canada driving your car, you need to have special insurance.

This product is called: Auto Insurance for Tourists or, Civil Liability Insurance USA and is a requirement to cross the border, whether your insurance in Mexico provides protection in the United States or acquiring a temporary policy.

This insurance contains coverage for damages that you cause with your vehicle, either to people or their property.

But it also includes coverage of Medical Expenses to occupants for bodily injury and the medications they may require as part of their treatment.

Finally, in case of the death of any of the occupants of the vehicle as a result of an accident, there is coverage for the repatriation of the body.

Insured amounts of car insurance for tourists in the United States

The minimum insured amounts required by US law are the following:

Civil Liability (RC) damages to persons: $ 5 thousand dollars
RC accidents: $ 25 thousand dollars
Medical expenses to occupants: $ 25 thousand per accident

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Car insurance exclusions for tourists in the United States

This type of coverage does not operate when:

The insured car has no Mexican license plates
The insured causes intentional damage to the vehicle
Damage caused to property owned by the insured
The vehicle has commercial use
The insured car participates in competitions or starts
That the vehicle circulates with people abroad (box of a pickup, for example)

Additional Coverages

If you think that compulsory Civil Liability coverage in the United States is similar to mandatory insurance in Mexico, you are wrong.

While both basically cover the RC (damage to third parties and materials caused by the insured car), insurers that offer coverage in the United States generally include other additional coverage such as:

Roadside assistance

Small breakdowns suffered by the insured vehicle (power supply or gas supply), locksmith
Crane drag with number of specific events (two or three per year) and an approximate limit of $ 300 dollars
Pneumatic tire change (also covers a certain number of events per year)
Supply of oil or liquid necessary for the car to run (encountered a certain number of events and at an additional cost)
Rent of substitute car in case the insured car is stopped in a mechanical workshop or stolen

Other type of assistance

Legal and administrative advice for the processing of identification documents such as visa or passport, in case of loss
In case of forgetting or missing the vehicle keys, the locksmith service is included, with the proviso that the duplicate must be covered by the insured
It even offers tourist information about the tourist attractions of a particular destination, which includes: museum hours, shopping centers, events, restaurant and theater reservations

How much is a car insurance for tourists?

The prices of these policies may vary according to the company that provides them. Its cost ranges from about $ 8 dollars for one day coverage, up to annual packages with an approximate cost of $ 140 dollars.

Claims Attention

Due to the distance between your car and the adjusters of the insurer that provides you with the service, normally the claims care with coverage in the United States is done by telephone, so you will not receive direct attention from an adjuster.

One point you should consider is that the insurer you hire has bilingual attention, if you do not master English.

The service in Spanish should be provided for both road and medical assistance and should consider your stay in the place in case of theft of the vehicle, as well as emergency services in case you need urgent medical attention.

Therefore it is important that you consider the following points:

Have your current policy on hand
You need to have all the possible information about the accident to raise the report: exact place of the accident, names of the people involved, details of the affected goods and insurance data of the affected third parties
Allow the police to carry out the corresponding report, request a report number and identification data
In case of requiring road or medical assistance, the data of each insurer involved must be exchanged
In case of sickness assistance of the insured, the expenses incurred are normally reimbursed
In addition, you should remember that all claims must be reported in the United States, where they will be evaluated.

Hiring requirements

Normally the hiring requirements to request a Civil Liability coverage in the United States are:

Have a minimum age of 18 years (can reach 21 years) and a maximum of 75 years
The insurable car must have national plates for private use and must not have more than 25 years of manufacture
You must present a driving license in the United States. However, it is not valid in the states of Alaska and Hawaii
If the coverage is part of your annual policy, payment can be made in a single exhibition or in fractional payments.

However, if you require coverage for a specific time (from 1 day to 1 year), it is usually covered in a single payment. You can hire minutes before crossing the border. However, you will not be able to do so if you do not submit your policy.

Upon receiving your policy, the insurer will give you an instruction to know what to do in case of an accident.

Driving tips in the United States

Some important tips are:

Each state has its own regulation
If you are stopped by a traffic police officer, you must present your driving license in that country, as well as your passport
In an emergency you should call the emergency number 911
Fines for not respecting the signs can be very expensive
Speed ​​is measured in miles and consumption in gallons
You must give free passage to emergency services such as patrols, firefighters or ambulances

Which insurers offer Car Insurance for Tourists in the United States?

In Mexico, you can get insurance with coverage in the United States from insurers such as:


It is a product for Mexican vehicles, nationalized and regularized. It can be hired at bank branches in the border area in minutes.

It is supported by an insurer in the United States and includes a simple liability coverage that operates in that country.

Safe Crossing

It is a liability coverage for Mexican residents. It has very strict hiring requirements:

The hiring age is between 18 and 70 years. Overcoming this range increases the cost by up to 50%.
The same if the vehicle has more than 20 years of manufacture. This condition could double the cost.

HDI Insurance

It has a similar coverage but for cars with foreign license plates that enter Mexican territory.

Covers: property damage, theft and medical expenses for occupants. In addition, it offers road, legal, tourist and medical assistance.

As if that were not enough, it has additional coverage such as vandalism damage, auto parts theft and deductible exemption if the third party involved was responsible for the incident.

ANA Insurance

It is a similar case, but it offers more complete coverage in Mexico for foreign tourists driving in our country.

Covers cars and trucks, total loss of motorcycles and driver’s licenses (the tourist is assured to drive different vehicles).

It has coverage packages: Civil Liability, Limited, Broad, Elite and Elite Plus.

It offers temporary coverage insurance in dollars, with road, medical, administrative, personal accident and illness assistance.