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Many freelancers want to create their own hosting company and usually consult how they can do it, what online tools they need, what knowledge, and more. Hosting is a volume business, so having few accounts will not be very useful but how many hundreds or thousands are achieved. There are different fundamental pillars that must be fulfilled in order to become a web hosting provider. Today we will mention some of them:

The hosting service


The web hosting service comes first, if you initially work to sell individual web hosting services then you can start with a reseller hosting, create the plans you want and take care of charging your customers.

If you also want to sell reseller hosting, you can then hire a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that in addition to individual hosting you can sell reseller hosting accounts.

And if you also want to sell VPS servers then you will need a dedicated server.

We recommend you buy your service in NEOLO , you can start with a reseller hosting and then upload the plan to VPS and then Dedicated.

Website creation

Screenshot 2015-02-27 15.09.36The alternatives are the most diverse, you can build the website yourself , hire a web design professional , or buy an HTML / CSS template and modify the content, or install a WordPress and choose a free template . For the last two alternatives it is necessary that you understand a minimum of WordPress or web editing, otherwise you can train or choose the first two options.

Customer service and billing

whmcs-hostingYou will need a system that acts as a query channel via email and assigns a number to each query, that number is called a “ticket”.

This system can also help your customers make purchases of the products and services you provide and that they are created automatically in your reseller, VPS or Dedicated Server hosting.

We recommend the WHMCS .

Chat Channel

125x125-go-chat-withOnline chat is a fundamental tool for you to be in contact with potential buyers of your products and services and thus increase the amount of conversions (purchases) over the amount of visits you receive on your website.

These systems are very easy to install and both you and your operators can work remotely with this system.

We recommend the OLARK .

Payment methods

paypalIn order for your customers to pay it is very necessary that they can do so through various means of payment, either by credit card or local means of payment for each country. And it is also important that the payments are processed automatically and that if the payment is not received, the hosting service will be automatically suspended.

We suggest Paypal , 2Checkout ,  Mercado Pago , and Digital Account .


company growthIt is essential that you advertise for visitors to know your company’s website. We suggest that you carry out campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, buy banners and advertising spaces on sites that your customers visit, in addition to doing SEO and email marketing. In a market so saturated and full of offers, it is essential that you make a clear difference with the rest of the competitors.

If you still do not know or are not an expert in these topics, here you have an opportunity to study with Neolo Academy .


We have provided all the necessary tools for you to start creating your own hosting company, however, it is not a simple task so it requires to be constantly aware that everything works perfectly, websites can never fall and Customer service must be impeccable. If you manage to overcome those barriers and also be better advertising than your competitors, then you are facing a great opportunity.