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How to generate 314 million monthly visits in less than a year with a community manager who smiles 24 hours a day

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This is a guest post from Juanmi Olivares from , one of my Ascending Authority students . In this article he will tell you how he has managed to decipher the key to generate traffic, subscribers and sales from Twitter (almost) automatically. In addition, at the end of the post you will find an invitation to a webinar where you can learn even more about Twitter and this system, do not miss it!

If 3 years ago they had told us that we were going to set up a project that, in less than 1 year, managed to have more than 314 million visits per month I would not have believed it.

But that unreal dream came true and, in large part, it was thanks to Twitter .

You want to know more, right?

Well, I’m not going to wind up anymore. «Only» I will tell you how we got those figures and, incidentally, how we put more than 1,000 attendees in our first webinar launching a large-scale digital product.

I’ll tell you one thing: that figure surprised even Franck himself!

Let’s see how we get it.

# 1 The history of Coobis

If we had to tell the story from the beginning, it would take us a long time, but luckily you have the interview that Franck did in his podcast to listen and know us better. If you want to know who we are, we recommend you listen to it.

And now we go straight to the important part of the matter.

Coobis is a Content Marketing platform that connects brands and media (blogs, websites and portals). The media register and price their services and brands buy from a sponsored post to mentions on social networks.

What interests any Startup in the beginning is to find the channel that brings customers more economically, spending as little time as possible and with the greatest possibility of long-term leverage. Good pretty and cheap!

Even so, this is not the important thing at all. What you have to do is look at one thing: Coobis connects to the APIs of the main social networks, Moz and Google Analytics to obtain objective data .

And that “privileged” access to APIs was going to open the door for Twitter’s secrets.

more and better coobis

# 2 Twitter was the channel that worked best for us

In that search for the Holy Grail, or rather the Holy Canal, we apply the Lean Startup methodology and move forward in the process of creating, measuring and learning (to startups geeks like us this will be cool, others do not pay attention to us ).

We tried to discover which channel had a better conversion rate. LinkedIn? ¿Google Plus? Facebook? Twitter?

Our conclusions were as follows:

  1. On LinkedIn or you pay or there is nothing to do.
  2. On Facebook you can get results, but it is difficult to get new customers.
  3. Google Plus was not dead, but its profitability related to the time to invest was really poor.
  4. Twitter was the best, since it brought new blogs and brands dedicating very, very little time.

With those conclusions it was clear what had to be done: deciphering how Twitter works .

# 3 We discovered how Twitter thought

By connecting to the Twitter API we could see how Twitter thought. And the most important thing is that we could know what happened internally when we did each action.

We discovered that Twitter distinguished between the “ Search API ” and the “ Streaming API”.

The first one allows you to search for a series of tweets that have been released in the last 7 days. The meaning of this is very important, since the Twitter search API focuses on relevance and not “on all tweets.”

This means that some tweets and profiles can be ignored by the Twitter algorithm when displaying search results. And if you want to do full searches you must use the Streaming API .

On the one hand it is obvious that the influence of a user on Twitter is important . If one profile has more followers than another, it is normal for their tweets to appear before. But not only the relevance of the user is important, but also the frequency of their tweets and the keywords that appear in it.

According to the ” Working with Timelines ” section of the Twitter API, given that “Timeline” can grow very fast and fast, Twitter sets limits on the number of tweets that a client application can retrieve in a single request.

Therefore, applications that connect to Twiter must go through the results of a “Timeline” several times in order to build a more complete result.

This made us think the following:

  1. How many times can an application be connected to Twitter?
  2. How many results can you get on each connection?

After asking ourselves these questions, the answer is found in  the famous “ Rate Limit: Chart” table and the “ 15 Minutes Window” concept , where we discovered that each application that connected to Twitter had the possibility of obtaining information in 15-minute sessions and make a maximum of 180 calls per session.

This information, which seems an unimportant fact, was vital since, for some reason, the 15-minute intervals were important for Twitter. Later we discover how to take advantage of this for the benefit of our Twitter profiles.

With all this information we began to study the market tools that would allow us to do everything we wanted to do. In summary, what we wanted is to register more blogs and brands in Coobis.

If we translate that into the blogging world, the goal was to get more subscribers and customers for a blog. It sounds to you, doesn’t it?

But, before starting work trying to automate the activity on Twitter, it is crucial to highlight the limits of the platform. Both those imposed on end users and those imposed on developers (like us) through its API.

The current technical limits for the accounts are:

  • Direct messages : the limit is 1,000 private messages per day.
  • Tweets: 2,400 per day . The daily limit of updates is subdivided into smaller installments for half-hour intervals. Retweets are counted as Tweets.
  • Changes in account email:  4 per hour.
  • Follow-up (daily) : the technical limit of follow-up is 1 000 per day. Keep in mind that it is only a technical limit of the account and that there are additional rules that prohibit aggressive tracking. 
  • Follow-up (based on accounts) : Once an account follows 2,000 users, subsequent follow-up attempts will be limited by specific scales of each account. 

If you want to expand more on these points you can read the specific data on Twitter:

# 4 We are a little geeks, we know it!

How Computer Engineers got us the “bug” of making our own software to control Twitter, but it made no sense. Instead of making our own application, we decided to reach an agreement with the best tool and help them improve the product in exchange for a lifetime license for a small fee.

If you want to know what that application is, you will have to sign up for a  gift  that I have for you right at the end of the post 😉

This helped us, among other things, achieve a record of 781 followers naturally in 5 days . And also, in several tens of profiles, to maintain constant rhythms of 50-75 new followers per day.

And all this in autopilot. Without spending a single hour of our time.

One thing led to another (we are not going to roll up much) and in a little over 18 months we call the attention of 2 multinationals of online marketing. One of them ended up buyingCoobis for a 6-digit figure that now allows us to have a few years of financial tranquility.

# 5 The keys to getting millions of visits and hundreds of subscribers from Twitter

“I was not dead … I was partying!” Do you remember this mythical song that Peret versioned?

Well something similar can be applied to Twitter. And I would say that:

He is not dead, you don’t know how to use it.

And I do not understand how there can be people who want to bury Twitter when it is the social network that brings more quality traffic and better conversion to subscriber. We are talking about free traffic , of course.

So now we are going to tell you some of the keys that we apply to get hundreds of subscribers a month from Twitter.

“I don’t think you can get subscribers from Twitter”

Before we begin, let’s bury this statement.

This phrase has been told by many people at networking events and meetings. And the best thing in these cases is to first show our conversion funnel in Google Analytics:

Conversion to subscriber (3.72%) and Number of subscribers (233) in a specific month.
Conversion to subscriber (3.72%) and number of subscribers (233) in a particular month.

If you look, not only the conversion and the number of subscribers are higher, but the permanence on the web exceeds 2 minutes. This can be considered as a high stay time for Spanish-speaking blogs.

As soon as people see that this works with this graphic, they listen to you in another way and pay attention. The next question is usually: “And how do you do it?”

As Jack the Ripper said: “Let’s go in parts.”

Constancy is the most important

Twitter, like other social networks, values ​​the cadence of publication . It is no use posting a tweet a week, you will have to publish several per day or even several per hour.

Guy Kawasaki, an expert in Social Media and entrepreneurship, told us in San Diego that, after many tests, he had discovered that publishing 80 tweets a day was the figure that worked best for him.

And it is that having followers from all over the world, it is best that your Twitter account is publishing 24 hours a day. Putting 4 tweets per hour can be a good figure, although this will depend on your sector and your specific strategy.

The half-life of a Tweet is 24 minutes.
The half-life of a Tweet is 24 minutes.

If you have a blog, you will know how important it is for Google to publish content at least once a week. Something similar happens on Twitter, but the “half-life” of a tweet is much shorter.

If you want your content to be viewed, read and shared, you will have to publish much more often. And of course be constant.

Identify, create and share quality content

That this phrase has been overused does not mean you should forget it.

If your content is bad neither Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, or Facebook Live can do anything to save you. They will simply confirm that your content is bad and it will even be counterproductive for you to use them.

Today it is easier than ever to identify quality content. Go to Buzzsumo and look for any subject: marketing, health, tourism, business, etc.

Or better yet, put the website of one of your direct competitors and analyze what content works best for you.

Image with analysis of the content of our website
Image with analysis of the content of our website

In that image you can see that our articles are shared a lot on Twitter and that one of them went viral on Facebook. The post ” Educate us to be mediocre ” now exceeds 28,000 shared on Facebook. It’s the exception that confirms the rule!

Once you’ve identified the content that works best on Twitter, it’s time to take advantage of it in a very simple way: create similar content .

Do not copy, but use it to inspire you. Name the source, put a link to who inspired you and tell him on Twitter. This way you will be calling his attention and you will surely have a quality visit because he will want to know what you have published. And this serves as a starting point for the following key.

Twitter is a universe and you have to learn to orbit

Yes, you read correctly: “you have to learn to orbit on Twitter”.

Don’t you know what it means to orbit on Twitter? Quiet, we explain it to you with Wikipedia’s own description:

In physics, an orbit is the path that describes a physical object around another while under the influence of a central force, such as the gravitational force.

Keep that image in your mind:

to orbit

On Twitter there are stars that shine with their own light. They are the well-known “influencers” or profiles with many followers who get their content to be very shared and with this they get many visits to the pages and blogs they share.

To orbit you must consider these 4 steps:

  1. Identify the influencers of your sector. Choose 5 to start.
  2. Write them a tweet and ask them for the RSS of their blog.
  3. Connect to the RSS of your blog and publish a tweet with each new content they publish.
  4. Include in that tweet an @Name Influencer (with the name of the influencer in question).

When you do this, your Twitter account will automatically launch a Tweet every time there is new content on your blog. They will be tweets of the type:

Title of the new article http: // url-del-article via @NameInfluencer

In this way that person will see that you have shared their content.

Remember that we are talking about influencers and not competitors. Obviously you are not interested in publishing content from your competition and giving it visibility. It’s obvious.

But if you are interested in sharing quality content from your sector: current content, that gives life to your Twitter account and that will be the entry to our next key .

SEO and “dances” exist, so automate and save time

We all know that SEO  applies to Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. But have you ever stopped to think if this makes sense on Twitter?

I propose a game. Enter your Twitter account and seek to undertake.

So, without more. Neither hashtags nor quotes. Then go to the “Accounts” section and analyze the accounts that appear in the top 10 positions.

What accounts appear to you? Your result will depend on many factors, including your location. In the case that you make your query from Spain, the result may be something similar to this:

twitter positioning
Twitter accounts positioned by the keyword «undertake».

Our Twitter account is usually among the top 10 accounts by the keyword “undertake.”

And you may wonder, does this work for anything? You are right.

And when you follow someone new, Twitter uses what he calls “similar accounts . ” That is, depending on its algorithm, it will show you 3 new accounts that you may be interested in following.

For example, if you are interested in following Antonio G on Twitter , do you know which accounts Twitter shows you as similar?

twitter antonio g
Similar Twitter accounts associated with Antonio G.

It’s obvious that Oliver Trip, Omar de la Fuente and the Adventure Time guys share quality content that may interest you if you follow any of them. Twitter knows it and that’s why it shows them as similar, and it also positions your profile based on the texts of your tweets (something obvious on the other hand).

In this case you are interested in 2 things:

  • Appear in the top positions for keywords of your theme.
  • Appear as an account similar to the accounts in your sector.

To do this you must:

  • Optimize your profile and your biography by putting relevant keywords.
  • Publish content with appropriate keywords.
  • Publish in the best hashtags in your sector.
  • Automate your content with Buffer  (for example) to post more tweets.
  • Interact with influencers in your sector to increase your influence.

Take your followers to a good squeeze page

The easiest way to get subscribers from Twitter is to direct your followers to a squeeze page . A simple page where you give them what they are waiting for (which is usually a Lead Magnet ) in exchange for entering their email.

For example, here you can see our squeeze where we have a 32% subscriber conversion rate (yes, we already know that we have to improve it, but we can’t be at all!).

squeeze page more and better

# 6 Get 87 new followers a day and earn money by posting on Twitter is possible 

When you apply all the techniques that we have explained and some more that we reserve for the next webinar, this is possible:

twitter statistics

And yes, you can earn money only with Twitter. If you become influential and have an acceptable number of followers (above 10,000) there will be brands that will be interested in you and will ask you to publish one or more tweets promoting any of their products or services.

This is usually done subtly. For example, the biggest campaign that has come to us (at the moment) through Twitter was from a well-known salad brand that paid us € 100 to put each tweet in which a photo of their salad appeared, a message to motivate healthy eating, the url of your website and the hashtag of the promotion in particular.

There are several platforms that pay you to put tweets and the ones that work best for us are  Coobis , Influencity and Twync .

You want to know more? All this and much more … in the webinar!

All this and much more allowed us, a few months ago, to create a webinar in which more than 900 people signed up. It was a free training in which we shared some of the keys that worked for us to grow on Twitter.

Now, after analyzing the results, we are going to launch that webinar again . We have improved the content and we want to share it with all of you so you can get the most out of your Twitter profile.

And, as we are sure that this post will have opened your mind about Twitter and even made more than one get back into your forgotten account, we want to invite you to this new 100% free webinar.


  • Date: Thursday, August 4 at 7:30 p.m. (Madrid time GTM +1).
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I promise you one thing: if you see the webinar, you will reactivate your Twitter account, you will convert it into an (almost) automatic generator of visits and subscribers and you will stop saying that of «Twitter is dead» .

Really, if you liked this article, in the webinar you will enjoy much more. In it we delve into all aspects of this post, we talk about other techniques and we show you the complete system that we have used to master Twitter.

Book your site here: how to get more visits to your blog only with Twitter .

See you inside the webinar!